Grant is a employee of Dave's Pawn Shop. He is a pawn broker guru. Trained in the arts of electronics, tools, lawn and garden, and firearms. Grant has spent years in the sales field, and has the knowledge and skill to treat every customer with the best experience.

Jason English

Joe Mann - Store Manager, Veteran of armed services, ex- law enforcement and has worked in medical services. Knows sign language. Works with local law enforcement for losses prevention. Manage daily store operations, provide customer service, staff training, oversees associate activities. Helps estimate pawns and buys of merchandise, such as, firearms, jewelry, and gold, then determines loan amounts. He strives to provide outstanding customer services as well as valuable financial services. He also strives to do this in a way that serves God.

This is Lynn and he is happy to serve. Lynn takes care of all of our check advance services as well as general weapon sales and police special orders. Lynn controls pricing of new and used items on our shelves and keeps the store looking great. He has been with our company for 21 years.

Sheila is also happy to serve our clients needs. Sheila is head of logistics as well as a qualified loan specialist and keeps the shop running smoothly in our day to day activities. She has been with the company for 15 years.

Terry is our in house firearm repair tech. He completed the School of Gunsmithing in 1997. In addition to this, he also takes care of all online sales and consignments on web sites such as Ebay and Gunbroker. He is happy to help on all your loan needs as well. Terry has been with the company for 13 years.

Todd Gabriel is an employee of Dave's Pawn Shop in Cookeville, TN. Todd is a veteran of the armed service and fire arms instructor for SWAT Training Center. He is certified in: NRA First steps, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Pistol 101. He is also well versed in many power tools, hand tools, and small engine loans along with many different fire arms loans. Todd will also help you with any situation you are in as best as he can.

Tyler Perocchi

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